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About Me

My name is An. I am a flutist, a musician. I really enjoy making music because it makes me happy and it makes other people happy.

I play with some of the best musicians from our country which I think is great and opens the horizon of music for any young musician. We come from Slovenia, a beautiful country.

You can listen to some music or visit Youtube for more

Here's the new fresh news


Terrafolk will be performing round London/UK for a whole August 2017. The plan is to reconnect with the London/UK fan base again in the analog face to face way. If you want to hear the band, demand it from your local promotor or contact us directly ( and organize the concert in your living room.

  • Music Case Weekender, Boho, Camden, London
    Saturday, 5th August at 5pm and
    Sunday, 6th August at 8.45pm
  • ESTA Summer School, Chichester
    6th - 11th August
  • Jamboree Club, Cable Street, London
    Wednesday, 15th August at 7.30h, tickets : 7£
  • Folk East Festival, Glenham Hall Grounds, Suffolk
    Friday, 18th August at 10pm
  • Picnic In The Park, Devizes, Wiltshire
    Sunday, 20th August
  • The International Street Festival, Devizes, Wiltshire
    Monday, 28th August


We have been invited to one of Europe's biggest folk festivals - Pannonica! We'll be performing with a special guest from France - Emilio Castello (Milko) and a few members of Godalkanje that regularly atend the workshops. We will be performing on the day of 2nd September 2017. This being one of the biggest festivals of folk, Balkan, world and other music, it is a great opportunity to listen to some of the best bands. Visit Pannonica Website. Welcome!

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