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We've been invited to play at one of the best flute festivals here in Slovenia! The event is actually a sort of masterclass that takes place in Zagorje ob Savi in Slovenia every 2 years. This year one of the most expected guests are Jasmine Choi and Adriana Ferreira! Every time, world-famous flutists are invited here, to play concerts, give lessons, lead masterclasses and many other interesting thigs! In the past years we've had sir James & lady Jeanne Galway, Emmanuel Pahud, Wissam Boustany, Jan Ostrý, Ian Clarke, Paolo Taballione, Karl-Heinz Schütz, Trevor Wye, Rachel Brown, Peter-Lukas Graf, Amy Porter, Michele Debost, Adrea Oliva, Irena Grafenauer, Eva-Nina Kozmus and others. This year's 12th flute festival is a chance that must not be missed, a chance to meet the professionals and learn from them in person! Visit the official website. Welcome!


We have been invited to one of Europe's biggest folk festivals - Pannonica! We'll be performing with a special guest from France - Emilio Castello (Milko) and a few members of Godalkanje that regularly atend the workshops. We will be performing on the day of 2nd September 2017. This being one of the biggest festivals of folk, Balkan, world and other music, it is a great opportunity to listen to some of the best bands. Visit Pannonica Website. Welcome!

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